Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage + Bacteria Sterilization #RO+UV+Heavy Metals



  • Product: #RO+UV+Heavy Metals
  • Capacity 75 GPD (Gallons Per Day)
  • A pre-filter a 5 micron removes silt, sediment, sand, and sludge.
  • An activated carbon pre-filter a 1 micron traps contaminants such as chromium, chlorine, chloramine and pesticides.
  • A Ceramic Carbon Filter 0.5 micron that has been blended with an oxidation media, which traps particles of heavy metals such as lead and copper.
  • RO membrane, allowing only clean water to pass through the small pores. Impurities are trapped and flushed down the drain. Treated water is then sent to a storage tank.
  • An ultraviolet disinfecting chamber that sterilizes viruses, bacteria, mold, algae, and other harmful microorganisms.
  • This Aqua Belle unique reverse osmosis system provides bacteria and virus sterilization for the most complete affordable drinking water treatment available to the homeowner. For pennies a day, the UV-Heavy Metals will deliver better than bottled water quality. The system comes with everything you need, including filters faucet, storage tank, and all plumbing hardware. A maintained UV-Heavy Metals drinking water system means you will never have to worry again about the quality of your water supply. It’s better for your pet’s drinking water too.
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