Most tap water contains moderate to heavy levels of environmental pollutants and industrial contaminants. Pollutants such as dissolved salts and naturally-occurring minerals and contaminants such as harmful chemical waste must be removed from the water before it can be considered potable. If your water source is lakes or rivers then the chances of pesticides and herbicides present in the water are also very high. Disease-producing pathogens and other septic substances may also be a part of your tap water if the water distribution pipes are rusty and corroded. The majority of contaminants are not present in a cut-off amount enough to cause the diseases. However, long-time exposure to such contaminants can lead to chronic health diseases. So, do not trust the water running in your faucets, use a water filtration system for your home to safeguard your health.

Clean water is not just vital for your health but also essential for domestic use. Mostly, the water which you get in your taps is chlorinated and may still contain chemicals, harmful bacteria, and other contaminants. Regular use of this water will not only lead to health issues but could also be the reason for various skin diseases. It is a common misconception that our bodies only consume the water we drink. However, when we take a shower, a significant amount of water is absorbed by our bodies through our skin. If you expose your body to unfiltered water on a regular basis, you may face certain health problems.


The amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water is defined as water hardness. The greater the amount of the salt, the more the hardness is. There are many disadvantages of consuming hard water for domestic applications. Here we list a few critical aspects for the residential water filtration system and why it isn’t good to use hard water.


Most peoples do not prefer water filtration systems for their domestic uses such as washing clothes and bathing, etc., which results in a regular exposure of skin to hard water, causing it to be rough and dry. The presence of chlorine and mineral salts in water can severely damage your hair, making them weak and unhealthy. You can benefit yourself by using the best shower filter for hard water to protect your hair and skin from getting damaged further. Best quality water shower filters are available at AQUA BELLE; we sell premium and reliable products which assure longevity and high results


The presence of dissolved sodium and potassium ions makes it difficult for soap, shampoo, and detergents to form lather. This means that if you are using soap with hard water to wash your hands, it will take more soap to make it lather. This results in increased consumption of soap, and significant amounts are just wasted due to the hardness of water. If you are using hard water at your home then your soap and shampoo will run out a bit earlier. Therefore, install a residential water filtration system to take care of your domestic water needs and to get rid of water-related issues.


  • There are lots of benefits associated with using shower filters as a part of your residential water filtration system. The shower filtration system is capable of removing contamination from water especially chlorine, allowing you to notice a big difference in how your skin and hair look has changed. Shower water filter systems are able to eradicate substances from water, such as heavy metals and chlorines reducing water hardness and making it suitable for domestic use.
  • An advanced water filtration system for home acts in the same way as a water softener, helping you to use less soap and detergents – make more lather of soaps and detergents as compared to hard water. Hard water has minerals that prevent the ionic action of soap, thus reducing its cleaning and lather formation power.
  • Residential water filters help in reducing the formation of soap scum and deposits on clothes. When clothes are subjected to untreated tap water (hard water) the chemicals that are present leave deposits on fabric, causing them to smell differently, leading to rashes and allergies to human bodies. In addition, unclean water causes soap scum buildup on your dishes as well, making it unsuitable for dining use. Get yourself the best whole house water filter and a shower water filters at AQUA BELLE. We provide the most reliable and authentic water filtration systems and its accessories for residential and commercial applications.
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