How Often Do I Really Need to Shower?

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Showering has become far more readily available in modern times and as a result we may be taking too many of them. If you ask a Dermatologist, most would say that we shower way too often and that can result in dry skin conditions or worse. Your skin naturally creates oils that are essential for maintaining a healthy state and by rinsing off those oils in the shower once or twice a day, we offset the natural balance.

So, should I shower everyday? A few times a week? How do I know what’s right for me?

It may be tempting to stand under that steaming hot, relaxing water for 20 minutes a day, but specialists say that a 5 minute shower is much better for your body. Here are a few things to consider when stepping to to that daily shower…

If you are showering without filtering your water, you are at risk of standing under a toxic stream of dangerous chemicals that can cause several health hazards as well as dry out your skin. Installing a water filter means protecting yourself and your family from chemicals like chlorine and several other cancer causing chemicals that are found in unfiltered water coming into our homes.

There is more to a shower than getting clean. That steam filling up your bathroom during and after a nice, hot shower can be doing harm to your lungs. If you are not using a filter on your shower, that steamy air that your lungs are absorbing will be doing way more harm than good. Most people don’t even realize that an unfiltered shower is making the air quality in your home dangerous to your family.

Many believe that showering in unfiltered water is even more dangerous than drinking it. Keeping in mind your lifestyle, plan out your showers while keeping the health of your skin in mind. The main reason to shower is to wash away sweat and dirt, so we convince ourselves that it is good hygiene to shower frequently. But, consider adjusting your number of showers per week to what is absolutely necessary to avoid overexposure to hot water. And, it’s important to remember to use a filter every time you do take a shower to avoid adding chemical exposure to the list of reasons that showering too frequently can do more harm than good.

Using a filter on your shower is one major way to protect your family from chlorine and other chemicals found in our community water sources. AquaBelle offers the most effective and inexpensive solutions to residential and commercial water filtration problems. As a leading manufacturer of water purification products, AquaBelle has developed specialty water filtration systems to remove heavy metals, fluoride, and bacteria. AquaBelle is dedicated to providing inexpensive quality water filtration systems to residential customers.

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