Do I Need A Shower Filter?

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The importance of drinking filtered water as a way to avoid ingesting the harmful chemicals that can be found in our water supply has become more and more well known. But, have you thought about how harmful shower water can be for your family? In some ways, shower water can be even more harmful than drinking water. 

Your skin is much more than a covering for your body, it is also your largest organ and spends the day absorbing both good things like Vitamin D and bad things like toxins from the world around you. During a hot shower, your skin is absorbing even more chlorine than while you are drinking that same water. Why? Because hot water is more easily absorbed. The warm air in the bathroom also makes it easier for your lungs to inhale the chemicals as well. 

The chemicals found in our drinking water have been known to cause cancer, and this study even showed a greater lifetime risk of cancer from showering or bathing in chlorinated stare the from drinking it.

IT’s also important to know that similar to scented candles and many chemicals used for cleaning, shower water can release harmful chemicals into the air in your home if it is not being filtered. The EPA has verified these dangers in a recent article. Most people don’t realize that leaving your shower and bath water unfiltered can be so dangerous to the air your family is breathing.

Using a filter on your shower is one major way to protect your family from chlorine and other chemicals. Visit our website to learn more about how you can protect your family with residential water filter options as well as many other ways to incorporate safer water into your home.

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