Aqua Belle’s Shower Filter Benefits

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Aqua Belle’s Shower Filter Benefits first the Skin & Hair – A Perfection Beyond Improvement!

Product Description:

Across the world, people are concerned about their Drinking Water. But, not enough thoughts are given to the benefits of owning a Shower Filter. The water in the shower can be very harmful. Hence, Aqua Belle Manufacturing Company has come up with a Shower Filter that not only reduces chlorine, heavy metals, odor and sediment but also benefits hair and skin!


Health Benefits

  • Chlorine Reduction
  • Reduction in various types of heavy metals and Sulfur
  • Remove Sediments & unwanted odors
  • Subdue Waterborne Bacteria’s
  • Soften Skin & Hair

Aspects & Characteristics

  • Dimensions – 3” x 5”
  • Capacity–Up to 2 years, 30,000 Gallons

Additional Product Information

  • Highly competitive price in the entire industry
  • Potent Effectiveness
  • Shower Head Is Not Included – you are encouraged to use the one you already have

How To Use The Aqua Belle Shower Filter?

  • Detach your existing shower head
  • Wind White Plumbers Tape around the threads
  • Screw the top of Aqua Belle Shower Filter to the pipe
  • Reattach the shower head

The Aqua Belle Manufacturing Company also manufacture and market superior quality of UnderSink, CounterTop, and Whole House Water Filters. We include in all systems top quality replacement filters!


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